Shannon Glenn For
Ray County Missouri Sheriff

For a safer tomorrow.


  • My family has been in Ray Co. since the mid 1800’s
  • Served 11 years in the Army National Guard. 7 of which was in the Richmond unit where I was part of the group who helped evacuate Hardin.
  • Served 9 years in the Missouri Air Guard. ¬†Of which 2 of them were served on active duty working Security Forces for the Air Force in Europe. ¬†Almost a year in Germany at Spangdahlem AFB and close to a year in England R.A.F. Croughton U.K.
  • Went to CMSU and worked on a BS degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Security.
  • Worked in Law Enforcement since 1994.
  • A father of a 5 year old and I want to make Ray Co. a safer place for him to grow up.
  • My main focus will be to clean up the drug problem. Which is the main reason home break ins are so bad.
  • I also believe a Sheriff Department can be hard on crime while still being professional and friendly to the community.
  • Using techniques learned while serving in the US Air Force to spread out and use zones to keep response time down to a minimum.
  • Have plans to place a computer into the patrol cars to keep deputies on the streets and less time at the Sheriff’s Department writing reports. Just one of many ideas to improve efficiency of the department.
  • Plans to modernize the training to help keep the officers safer, and the public.
  • A working relationship with blacksixops a training organization. Military background and specializes in training law enforcement on modern and effective tactics. The owner is a personal friend who wants to help.


I am the father of a 5 year old son. I want his future to be bright and in a safe county where my family has lived since the mid 1800’s. I feel the biggest threat to his safety is the meth problem moving from the city to the rural areas, which brings home burglaries with it, as people try to support the drug habits.